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Hey, Thats My Fish!

Jeux grand public
Développeur Frismos Games
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The international bestseller is now available for Android! Engage in a cutthroat competition to collect the largest stockpile of delicious fish while outmaneuvering other penguins on a rapidly shrinking ice floe. Hey, That’s My Fish! brings the classic strategy board game of ravenous penguins searching for sustenance to Android phones and tablets! Play against the computer or compete with up to three friends in a fun-filled race against time.
With a variety of maps to choose from and nearly infinite starting setups, Hey, That’s My Fish! offers endless hours of fun. Can you supply your colony with enough food to win the day, or will your cunning opponent leave you drifting out at sea?
"As a casual strategy game, Hey, That's My Fish! is easy to recommend." 4/5 stars from
"Fast-paced and well-suited for the touch screen"4/5 stars from
"Whenever I've introduced the game to friends they've all walked away impressed." 4.5/5 stars from Android Game Reviews